Natural Dried Herbs

Natural dried herbs Siamy for healthy drinks and cooking

Benefits of Natural Dried Herbs

Siamy Natural Dried Herbs contain a lot of vitamins and minerals important for our body. They can be used for making caffeine-free and healthy herbal drinks and also for substitute of fresh herbs in recipes of various Thai dishes. When taken regularly, they help promote a healthier life style and well-being.

Siamy cupAroma

The distinctive “Thai“ scent of Siamy Natural Dried Herbs brings to your body and mind an unforgettable sensation, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Indulge yourself with a cup of healthy herbal drink Siamy. Close your eyes and let the natural aroma bring your thoughts into serenity and calmness.

100 % Natural

Plants used for creating Siamy Natural Dried Herbs are grown in a traditional way without using chemical compounds. They are scrupulously selected and carefully picked at the appropriate time, then dried in natural environment and neatly packed, making our product safe,  healthy and easy to use.

Dried Bael fruit

Dried Bael fruit (Aegle marmelos or Matum in Thai):
✓ Has antibacterial property
✓ Controls blood sugar level
✓ Healing digestive disorders
✓ Relieves symptoms of fever
✓ Soothing and relaxing

Dried Lemongrass

Dried lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus, or Takrai in Thai):
✓ Relieves headaches
✓ Kills germs
✓ Reduces fever
✓ Boosts energy
✓ Eases digestive tract spasms

Dried Blue Pea

The Blue Pea flower (Clitoria terneata or Dok Anchan in Thai):
✓ Improves blood circulation
✓ Improves eyesight
✓ Nourishes brain
✓ Improves the condition of hair
✓ Slow down aging

Dried Pandan

Dried pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius, or Bai Toey in Thai):
✓ Nourishes heart
✓ Reduces high blood pressure
✓ Thirst quencher
✓ Relieves symptoms of fever
✓ Improves body balance

Jiaogulan tea

Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum):
✓ Strengthen the immune system
✓ Relieves stress
✓ Normalizes sugar level
✓ Boosts mental clarity
✓ Increases longevity

Dried kaffir lime leaves

Kaffir lime (Citrus hystrix, or Makrud in Thai ):
✓ Improve digestion
✓ Strengthen the immune system
✓ Mind relaxing
✓ Reduce high blood pressure
✓ Promote a healthy scalp

Dried stevia leaves

Dried stevia (Stevia rebaudiana, or Ya-Wan in Thai ):
✓ 300 times sweeter than sugar
✓ Does not increase sugar level
✓ Reduce high blood pressure
✓ No harmful side effects
✓ Has anti-bacterial property

Gotu Kola dried leaves

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica, or Bua-Bok in Thai ):
✓ Improves memory
✓ Relieves stress
✓ Reduces cholesterol
✓ Relieves joint pains
✓ Has anti-inflammatory property

Moringa tea

Moringa (Moringa oleifera, or Marum in Thai ):
✓ Normalizes blood sugar level
✓ Making bones healthier
✓ Reduces cholesterol
✓ Improving eye health
✓ Reduces inflammation

Mulberry tea

Mulberry (Morus alba or Mon in Thai ):
✓ Normalizes blood sugar level
✓ Helps to reduce excess weight
✓ Reduces cholesterol
✓ No caffeine and tannin
✓ Improves blood circulation

Dried Galangal root

Galangal (Alpinia galanga or Kha in Thai ):
✓ Improves digestion
✓ Ease rheumatic pain
✓ Reduce fever
✓ Help against dizziness
✓ Improves blood circulation

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