Dried Blue Pea flowers | Siamy Natural Herbal Drink for health

The Blue Pea flower (also known as Clitoria terneata or Dok Anchan in Thai) is native to Southeast Asia where locals use it for preparation a caffeine-free herbal beverage. It’s jam-packed with healthy antioxidants, peptides and flavonoids that work as a natural remedy for depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, colds, inflammation, and more. Dried Blue Pea Siamy also improves blood circulation, cellular health while reducing the effects of premature aging, cancer and other diseases. Good for the health of the eyes and hair.
Besides using for prepare healthy beverage, Thais traditionally use Dok Anchan as a natural and safe coloring agent. Just add few flowers into the water while boiling rice or spaghetti, and it will get very nice and bright blue color. Coloring property of anchan is widely used in desserts preparations: ice-cream, gelatin desserts, creams for cake decoration and as an ingredient of multi-colored cocktails (especially, for replace blue-colored alcoholic liquors).
Along with other Siamy products when used regularly, it helps promote a healthier life style and well-being.

Benefits of Blue Pea

  • improves blood circulation
  • improves eyesight
  • nourishes brain
  • improves the condition of hair
  • slow down aging
Contraindications: Individual intolerance. Pregnancy, lactation, anemia.

Serving suggestions

Take 5-6 dried blue pea flowers, put into glass teapot and add 50-60 ml of hot water (85-90°C). Let it soak for 20-30 seconds and then drain water out. Add 250 ml of fresh hot water to the flowers and let it infuse 5-7 minutes. Serve Blue Pea tea hot or cold.

Tips: You can add sugar, honey or stevia to taste as desired. A few drops of lime juice will change color of drink from blue to purple and add new nice note to taste.



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