SPA-spray Siamy. Only natural ingredients from Thai herbs.

Non-sticky and refreshing SPA-spray Siamy contains only natural ingredients taken from unique Thai herbs using cold extraction process to provide the best product for you. Just apply spray to the desired area without rubbing and enjoy long lasting cooling sensation on your skin and gentle pleasant aroma. Along with other Siamy products when used regularly, it helps promote a healthier life style and well-being.

Benefits of SPA-spray

  • non-sticky, non oily
  • cooling and refreshing
  • helps against itching
  • helps after insects bites
  • eases stiffness symptoms
  • relieves fatigue


Individual intolerance.


Avoid contact with eyes. Do not spray into mouth or nose. For external use only! Keep out of reach of children.

Suggestions for use of SPA-spray

  • Apply onto insect’s bites to reduce itching
  • Spray under-arms to reduce sweating
  • Apply on the back neck and head to reduce headache
  • Spray throughout body after massage for additional freshness

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