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Gotu Kola (Centélla asiática) also known as Asiatic pennyworth or “bua-bok” in Thai language is a flowering plant family Apiaceae native to wetlands in Asia.

Gotu Kola can have remarkable effects on the body when consumed. Centella has a positive impact on the circulatory system, thereby oxygenating more of the brain and allowing cognition to improve. The antioxidant effects of this herb are also somewhat responsible, as they can stimulate neural pathways by eliminating plaque and free radicals from the brain. It’s why Gotu Kola is often informally called “memory herb”.

In Asian countries Centella commonly consumed in fresh raw form. At the local markets you can find bunches of it next to parsley, dill and other edible herbs.
Gotu kola is used not only for improving memory and intelligence, but also for fatigue, anxiety, depression, psychiatric disorders and Alzheimer’s disease. Other uses include wound healing, trauma, and circulation problems (venous insufficiency) including varicose veins, and blood clots in the legs.

Along with other Siamy products when used regularly, it helps promote a healthier life style and well-being.

Benefits of Gotu Kola

  • Improves memory
  • relieves stress, strengthens the nervous system
  • reduces the “bad” cholesterol’s level
  • effective against various skin problems
  • relieves joint pains
  • helps against calf muscle cramps
  • has a powerful anti-inflammatory properties
Contraindications: Individual intolerance. Pregnant and breastfeeding women must consult a qualified medical professional before use.

Suggestions for use

The best water temperature to brewing Gotu Kola is 80-90°C. Take 2-3 grams (1 tablespoon) of dried herb per 8 oz (250 ml) cup and pour in water. Let it steep 5-15 minutes.
You can drink Gotu Kola infusion as a tea, or apply it externally.
While consume as a drink, you can add stevia, honey or sugar as desired. It is recommended to consume no more than 4 cups of Gotu Kola per day.
For external use, moist the gauze dressing with infusion and apply to the affected area for 30 minutes.


In dry cool place, away of heat and direct sunlight, in tightly closed container.


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